OMG! Don’t Repeat These Saree Wearing Mistakes


Wearing the perfect saree at farewell, or at any grand occasion is every fashion conscious woman’s dream. If you are a fashion conscious woman or even have the slightest interest in what you wear and how you look, then you might want to focus your attention to what this blog has to say.

Saree is an statement Indian attire that is actually the trademark of the modern Indian women. Wearing a saree is not a simple task. In a social society such as today’s there is no place for blunders and wardrobe malfunctions, therefore, there are a few things that you must keep in mind, and mistakes that you must avoid, while wearing a saree.

  1. Neither too high nor too low
    You might have the slimmest of figures or you.may not be comfortable with your waist size. But when it comes to draping a saree, the best option is to stay at the medium waist and let the saree do its magic.

    While draping a saree, you need to make sure that you only expose the right amount of your waist as too low could make it look vulgar or you simply might trip over, while too high could ruin the look and length of the saree.

  2. Display the pallu right:
    When it comes to sarees, the Pallu can be called the heart and soul of the saree.

    Most sarees have a designer pallu or one that is not so similar to the rest of the saree, if that’s the case, then you might want to go for a draping style that displays the most of your pallu. In case you have a running pallu, then you might go for a closed, plated pallu style.

  3. The blouse that hugs you right:
    The blouse is one of the most important and crucial elements of a complete saree attire. You do not want to wear a blouse that is either too loose or too tight, too dull or too bright, to outdated or too exposed. Blouse is a risk worthy factor and you can do all kinds of experiments with it.

    The trend keeps on evolving, however, you could also choose to go for a simple, classic and a little outdated style. But one risk that you cannot afford to take is the blouse fitting. The blouse should always be the right fit, and without any gaps and holes

  4. Gel the jewel
    Sarees cannot be worn without jewellery. Two things that you definitely need with a saree are the jewellery and accessories. You cannot go wrong with your accessories, otherwise the complete look could be ruined.

    If you are wearing a heavy saree, to balance the same, you must go for a light jewellery, however, a little heavy jewellery could also be worn depending upon the occasion. The necklace must be in sync with the neck style of the blouse. For example, if the neck is almost high or completely high, then you might want to go for hanging long chain type necklace. If the saree has too much bling then you can avoid wearing a necklace all together and go for a matching pair of earrings.

  5. Figure out the fabric for your figure
    Different fabrics blend differently on the bodies. Fabrics like silk, kota cotton, etc.

    might make one look bulky, therefore you must stick to fabrics that have a loose structure and are therefore light and ‘flowy’ like Georgette, satin, etc. Pure cotton, also works and could be the perfect fabric for summers!

  6. Don’t cheat the feet
    Sarees could be extremely comfortable and you don’t want to ruin your level of comfort by wearing a not so comfortable footwear. Footwear are mostly not visible but viable for the complete look.

    When you walk, sit or even a slightest of moment can reveal your footwear therefore you want to make sure that you go for something that fits you right, allows swift movement and matches the colour of the saree.

  7. Match the Petticoat
    One risk that you cannot take is the colour of the Petticoat. Petticoat is an essential garment in a saree, the very base of the saree, therefore it must be a perfect match to the colour of the saree.

    The length and the material of the petticoat must be taken into account. The spread, the look and the fall of Yeh saree depends majorly on the material of the Petticoat.

  8. Small bags, big statement:
    As mentioned above, accessories are one of the many things that you must pay attention to while wearing a saree.

    Accessories, especially bags can influence the entire look. Clutches work best with saree, they could be embellished, embroidered or plain, and in contrast with the saree. A big bag, can turn out to be a spoiler.

  9. Pin it right, pin it wise
    Pins are what hold the saree together, may it be the plates, the pallu and even sometimes the blouse. Therefore, you need to make sure that you you don’t give your truck away and that your pins are less in number, less visible but highly effective.

    A pin, of a different colour and odd size can steer all the attention away from you. Therefore, pin it wise.

  10. Don’t stretch the plate too much
    The plates of the saree bring about the elegance, and grace in the saree. The plates play a major role in how the saree looks after being swaddled.

    Therefore, you might want to be a little careful with the plates. The plates must not be too broad or too thin and you also cannot risk having lots of plates as it would make you look bulky and shorten the length do the pallu.

    Drape it out!

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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