20 Amazing Tips To Style Your Hijab To Remain Cool in Summer Season


Hijab, commonly known as a headscarf or a veil is a customary Islamic attire for the women of the Muslim community. For some women, it is an empowering and liberating cloth and for others, it is a sort of oppression. Thus, let’s set apart the religious and political views cognate with Islamic clothing.

Earlier, it used to be simple and unadorned Hijab in black colour only, but nowadays, you will get a wide variety of fabrics, styles, patterns and hues in Hijabs.

Obviously, it is hard to wear black colour, especially in a hot summer season. Hence, different colours and lightweight fabric have made available for the women to beat the heat. Of course, there are different ways of wearing and styling the Hijab, but when it comes to fastening it, we generally get confused. So, here is the accumulated list of the 20 amazing tips to style your Hijab with any outfit.

  1. Nude Hijab with Light shade outfit
    To keep it cool in the summer season, it is highly suggested to wear a light and bright colour Hijab. If you plan to wear to wear a pink or Bache outfit, then you should pair it with the nude shade Hijab and make sure that you don’t fasten it tightly from the chin.

  2. Grey Hijab with Blue Outfit
    At present, grey colour Hijab is extremely popular and looks striking when it is paired with the blue outfit. Firstly, the grey colour Hijab is trendy and secondly, if you style it in an elegant way, then it is suitable for the summer season to wear all day long.

  3. Printed Hijab with a White Outfit
    Every women’s closet has a basic yet stylish white outfit either it’s a long dress or a plain white T-shirt. Therefore, if you are in a perplexing state while pairing your white outfit with the Hijab, then you should definitely choose the printed Hijab.

  4. Blue Hijab with White Outfit
    The plain blue Hijab without any embellishment or prints certainly looks beautiful and gorgeous. You can easily pair your blue Hijab with any of your white colour attire to make a style statement. In addition, while wearing the Hijab, just ensure that you wear it in Chin-style, which is little loose from the neck side.

  5. Pink Hijab with the Floral Print Outfit
    Presently, floral prints are prominent and prevailing in every fashion garb and there’s no doubt that you must have such outfits in your wardrobe collection. To pair your floral printed outfit with the Hijab, then you should opt for the pink colour Hijab. While styling the Hijab, you can choose to wear it as a front style.

  6. White Hijab with Basic Outfit
    The elegant and timeless white colour Hijab is what you need to add glamour to your traditional Islamic clothing. With any basic outfit, you wear a plain or a printed white colour Hijab. The best way to style your Hijab with this attire is in Turkish style to remain cool in hot weather.

  7. Beige Hijab with Black Outfit
    The irresistible black colour is always present in everyone’s closet. Rather than pairing your black outfit with mundane Hijab, choose to team up your outfit with Beige colour Hijab. To make it more overwhelming, you can wear your Hijab in Arabic style to cover your head.

  8. Yellow Hijab with Blue Outfit
    Some vibrant colours in Hijab are hard to pair with the outfit, isn’t it? It takes time and efforts to choose the right colour of the Hijab or outfit so that it doesn’t look mismatch. The bright yellow colour Hijab can easily be paired with any blue outfit and to embrace your style, you can wear Hijab as a loop style.

  9. Chocolate Brown hijab with Red Outfit
    If you are in an enigma to style your chocolate brown colour Hijab, then without even thinking twice simply pair it with the red outfit. You can wear your Hijab as slightly behind, as usual, to make your stunning earrings visible.

  10. Black Hijab with Any Outfit
    Of course, we tend to ignore the black colour in the summer season, but it is one the most versatile colour in Hijab which goes easily with any outfit. While styling your Hijab in summer season, try to fix your Hijab in a loose manner.

  11. Digital Print Hijab with Black Outfit
    Usually, digital prints in Hijab are best paired with the black outfits, especially if the colour of the Hijab is grey. You can wear Hijab as a chest covering style if you aren’t willing to exhibit your T-shirt or top.

  12. Orange Hijab with White Outfit
    Add colour and sparkle to your mundane Hijab style. This summer season, you should wear orange Hijab in cotton fabric with any of your white shirt or T-shirt to rock the style. You can accessorize your Hijab by adding rings onto a loose corner of the Hijab.

  13. White Hijab with White Outfit
    The stylish and elegant way to style your Hijab is with the white outfit. You can choose to wear the White Hijab, rather than choosing the colour contrasts. For special occasions, you can wear your Hijab as a turban style to evince your accessories.

  14. Mauve Hijab with Blue/Black Outfit
    Just like Nude shade, Mauve shade or colour in Hijab is equally prevailing among the Muslim women’s. Pair your Mauve Hijab with the basic outfit i.e. a pair of blue denim and a black/blue t-shirt or top for a classy look.

  15. Brown Hijab with Brown Outfit
    If you are in a perplexed state to choose the perfect style to wear your brown Hijab, then here is the solution. Simply pair your brown Hijab with the brown hue outfit and tie a knot of the headscarf from the loose corner and keep it in front style.

  16. White Hijab with Black Outfit
    The colour blend of white and black is absolutely captivating. The prominent plus point of wearing your white Hijab is that you can pair it with your favourite black outfit. Keep your headscarf loose and breezy whenever there’s a sweltering heat outside.

  17. Mustard Hijab with Grey Outfit
    The mustard Hijab with the grey outfit is what you need for the summer season. The cool, breezy and airy Mustard Hijab will definitely look stunning whenever you step outside your home.

  18. Off White Hijab with Black Outfit
    Off white Hijab looks beautiful and stunning when they are paired with the black outfit. Off white colour Hijab is absolutely suitable and comfortable according to the summer season.

  19. Black Hijab with Blue Outfit
    The black Hijab in turban style is perfect to match with the dark blue colour outfit. In turban style Hijab, you don’t have to cover your chin and neck, which clearly means you can evince your danglers or earrings easily.

  20. Peach Hijab with Dark Shade Outfit
    The last one in the list is bright peach Hijab, which can simply be paired with any dark or solid colour outfit. As the summer season is approaching, the best way to beat the heat is secure the Hijab little loose from the front and sides.

Hopefully, now all your fashion dilemmas cognate to Hijab styling must have been sorted!

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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