11 Conventional Islamic Clothing For Every Mommedan


Nowadays, Islamic garb is not just modest clothing, but it has become an empowering and powerful medium to express one’s faith, culture and even a fashion statement for most of the women.

Obviously, some people view Islamic clothing as oppressive and a compelling garb. On the other hand, some people demonstrate their culture, tradition and individuality by following their religion. Although the blending of the traditional Islamic clothing is bit restrictive, still the fashion designers are blending and fusing it with other fashion trends. The fashion designers are rightfully serving the Islamic garbs to ameliorate the personality of the women’s of the Muslim community. Even after the blends and fusion, they still remain trendy and high in demand.

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There are a variety of different styles and designs in Islamic clothing. Therefore, here is the list of the 11 conventional Islamic clothing styles for every Muslim men and woman.

  1. Ghutra and Egal
    Ghutra is commonly known as a headscarf, which is basically rectangular in shape. Ghutra is generally worn by the men in Arab countries with a round black band on it to fasten it in place. This headscarf is available in two colour blends such as checks red and white and checks black and white.

  2. Thobe
    Thobe is a long-loose robe like a dress, which is generally worn by the Muslim men. The term ‘Thobe’ represents a long-loose garment which can be worn either by men or women. In most of countries, men wear the Thobe in white colour which reaches up to their ankle. However, there are many different colours available in Thobe as well, especially during the winter season.

  3. Bisht
    Bisht is famous and popular Islamic clothing for men, which is usually worn over the Thobe. Just like a Thobe, it is loose and equally long in style. Bisht, a traditional dress for men in Saudi Arabia, has a golden patch work in front only on the borders. It is available in different solid and dark colours including the black, brown, maroon etc.

  4. Hijab
    One of the most prevailing Islamic garbs is Hijab. Unquestionably, the religious and political views on Hijab are the talk of the hour. However, the fleetingly rising demand for this piece of garb what makes it more appealing. Hijab or headscarf is a piece of fabric available in either rectangular or square shape and tied over the head to cover the hair and neck while keeping the face uncovered. Nowadays, it is not at all a conventional piece of Islamic clothing because you will definitely get an enormous and exclusive collection in Hijab designs and fabric.

  5. Kaftan
    Kaftan a slackly-fitted cloth, which covers the whole body and leaves the face exposed. The sleeves are again long and loose in style. Not to mention it, not only the women of the Muslim community, but women all around the world have adopted the trend of wearing loose Kaftans as a fashion statement. The variety of styles, designs, fabrics and bright hues are definitely captivating and alluring for every woman.

  6. Abaya
    Abaya, popular in the Middle-East countries and worn by the women, especially in Public places. Traditionally, the Abayas are black in colour and absolutely unadorned, which is obviously mundane and monotonous to wear all the time. Hence, the fashion designers of Abaya have created embellished and ornamented Abayas for women in different fabrics and shades to make it more breathable, especially in hot summer season.

  7. Khimar
    Khimar is a veil which entirely covers the upper part of the body starting from the head to the waist. It is a particular style, adopted by most of the Muslim women to drape it over their head as a veil. You will certainly get some amazing designs, patterns and colours in Khimar to pair it with your outfit.

  8. Chador
    The Chador is again Islamic clothing, which is loose in style and reaches up to the ground. It looks similar to Abaya in style, but it is different as it is not fastened in the front. The trend of Chador began in Iran, where every other woman wears Chador without a face veil.

  9. Niqab
    Along with the Abaya or Kaftan, most of the women prefer to wear a Niqab. A Niqab is actually a face veil, which is ordinarily worn by the women who follow the religion of Islam. A Niqab is a face veil in which their whole face gets covered except the eyes. To look at it traditionally, it is black in colour.

  10. Burqa
    A Burqa is famous and prominent Islamic clothing, especially in Afghanistan. A Burqa is a loose and long garment, a combination of veil and clothing, in which the whole body gets covered leaving the eyes exposed. Additionally, some of the Burqa’s have a ‘mesh screen’ attached in it to cover the eyes as well.

  11. Salwar Kameez
    Salwar Kameez is mainstream Islamic clothing for the men and women if Indian subcontinent. It is regarded as one of the most comfortable and versatile pieces of Islamic clothing, which is available in a wide variety of designs and styles from basic to distinctive. There is a loose trouser and a long tunic, which is paired together to make a single outfit.

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