11 Stylish Salwar Designs for this Season


Fashion is known for its changing nature. It changes every season. And the women in the world is influenced by trends and fashion. Salwar suit is one type of Indian outfit that is adored by the women. Its fashion has been changed with the years and ages. But still, every season is known for its own different and beautiful fashion styles. Just like a set, salwar itself changes according to the fashion requirements. So, here are 11 salwar designs that will enlighten your look for this season

  1. Leggings
    Leggings are the basic requirements of a wardrobe. It is a mixture of style and comfort. The best thing about Leggings is that it is perfect for any season, occasion, event and it can also be worn by a pregnant woman.
    Leggings make you look sophisticated. It is perfect for travelling which makes it an Ideal choice for the ladies. The market is full of different types of legging types which makes it even better.













  2. Slim-fit pants
    Slim-fit pants have an appearance of cigarette pants. It adds contrast and wellness to your appearance. Slim-fit pants influence your real figure. It runs along with the legs. They look great with a long kurta and straight fit kurta. It gives you a perfectly chic look. It is different from Shararas, palazzo and salwars.

  3. Printed pants
    Any lower wear without a print makes you look boring. If you want to add a mood to your whole look then Printed salwar is the best option for you. It is found in some quirky prints which makes it look classy.
    It is loved by women because it has an unlike design and simple detailing. It looks great with a short kurti.











  4. Straight Pants
    Straight Pants has made a comeback in this whole scenario. It has an ethnic though chic appeal on itself. Many Bollywood actresses go for style because it makes people turn their heads. You can combine it with simple kurta, front-cut kurta or an ankle length kurta, straight Pants will define your look.

  5. Normal Salwar
    Normal Salwar is very common and it can be worn on daily basis. It comes with the pleats and tied at the waist. It is very airy and moveable in nature. You will find many fabric, lengths and designs options, which makes it easier for you to mix match with your outfit. It looks great with any type of Kurta.

  6. Churidars
    Churidars can never go out of fashion. It gives you a whole new look. If you love to flaunt the curves of your legs then you must go for it. It makes you look minimal though pleasant. You can choose the ghera of it and combine it with any type of Kurta.

  7. Cigarette Pants
    Cigarette pants are known for their fitting. It makes you look skinny but influencing the real structure of your legs. This is very popular in the girls. You can choose from various options in the market. You can go for contrasting or matching options.

  8. Flared Sharara-like pants
    In contrast to skinny pants, these pants look extremely flowy. It is perfect for the summer season and adds energy to your look. The ankle length Sharara looks the best. It can be worn with a Kameez while defining your waist. This Pakistani garment has become the fashion need of this time.

  9. Transparent Pants
    Transparent pants are not to netty but show your skin in a perfect way. It makes you look beautiful and vibrant. It looks great with any Kameez and adds attractiveness to your outfit. These pants are available in many different colours and designs. You can choose the nattiness according to your needs. You can also choose the flare.

  10. Palazzo Pants
    One of the most popular Salwar design is Palazzo. It is a great combination of Indian and Western look. They fall parallel to your legs and looks flowy. It doesn’t stick to the body and looks perfect with any type of Kurta. You can find it in different designs so that you can choose according to your needs.

  11. Pant-like Sharara
    This unique type of Salwar has become very popular with time. It looks stunning on any women and found in many different fabric options. It is fitted from the upper side and a little bit flowy from the bottom. It feels very comfortable on the body. Its loose fitting nature makes it great for the summer season.

Now may know different types of Salwar designs. You can choose accordingly and make yourself look lovely at any occasion.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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