Ink Your Personality! Top 20 Tattoo Designs for Men


There is a saying that the only thing that we take to our graves are our tattoos. Some consider tattoo designs for men, some meaningful, some use them as a reminder, some as a motivation and some simply disregard them as futile.

To make your life much is your and your personality much more visible here is the list of top 20 tattoo designs that you can choose from to suit your personality and your purpose: However, This are futile only if they mean nothing to the person or carry no relevant memory. If you want to get a tattoo makeup, then you need to put on a lot of thought and effort into what would you want your body to display for the rest of your life and at the time of your death. Tattoos are a part of our personality.

#1.Triangle Tattoo design

A triangle within a triangle, much like W.B Yeats gyre that symbolizes moving from one phase to another. The design is symbol of growth.

#2.“LIVE” Tattoo

Words can influence your actions and emotions. You can get a tattoo designs for men , on your arm (most suitably) of whatever keeps you motivated. A “LIVE.” design would remind you that life is short and you need to focus on enjoying it and not simply surviving it.

#3.An anchor Tattoo design:

Anchor is the points that helps a thing or a person hold on. The mens tattoo symbolises that one is dependable and can hold on to people and moments.

#4. Travel Tattoo design

This one is for the travellers. If you are someone who like to explore new places and wants to travel the world then nothing could embrace your personality better than this Design .

#5.Childhood Tattoo design

a brilliant motivator and a reflection of optimism. This the best tattoo designs for men which Patterns symbolize that dreams turn into reality. The paper plane reflecting a real plane is also a symbol of growing from childhood to adulthood.

#6.A plane tattoo

The tattoo is symbolic of flight. The process of flying high in the sky. If you are a person who is driven by success, then this one will only highlight your personality and will keep you motivated.

#7.Motivational tattoo

This tattoo symbolises new direction, therefore, if you are a person who likes adventures this one is the right choice for you. Moreover, it will keeps on motivating you to combat the various obstacles you face in your life.

#8.A Penrose triangle Tattoo design

The interconnected triangle is called the Penrose triangle, which is actually a symbol of connection. If you mean to stay connected to your roots and people then this is the correct reminder.

#9.A date Tattoo design

Dates are a major part of our lives. If you have a special date maybe a birthday, your parents’ birthdays, anniversary or other dates, then this Pattern will serve as a cheerful companion of rejoicing moments.

#10.Symbolic Tattoo design

This is symbolic of water and currents and movement. Another mens tattoo Patterns that symbolises movement and inspires to face challenges and ignite optimism within self.

#12.Spirit animal design

Spirit animals are supposed to be our guides. There is much inspiration and motivation connected with spirit animals. You can get of your spirit animal which will help you follow the right path.

#12.Religious symbol Tattoo design

If you are a person who believes in God and miracles then nothing could inspire you more than a religious symbol. This men tattoo will reflect your strong beliefs and help you face challenges with confidence.

#13. Skull tattoo

This is a bold tattoo that goes our a reflection of your strong personality. A skull symbolises acceptance of mortality. Life is fragile and full of unexpected moments and inevitable death. This will inspire one to live each moment to the fullest.

#14.Bull tattoo

to the ones who believe that they are strong and courageous and the ones who want to be full of strength and bravery, this is the design for you. A bull signifies strength, courage and headstrong motives.

#15.Zodiac signs tattoo designs for men

Zodiac signs are a huge part of our personality. They actually define us and explain our actions. To those who value Zodiac sign and believe in symbolism, this men tattoo Pattern will keep you and your personality intact.

#16.Superhero Tattoo design

To some this seems to be a childish idea. However, this is one of the most fun and unique idea. Superheroes are a fantasy and actually a better version of humanity. This could symbolise and inspire you to become a better person each day.

#17.Dharma wheel tattoo designs for men

This is a historical symbol that reflects actions and duties of men. It symbolizes the virtues necessary in life and that there is need to take actions for those virtues.

#18.Triple spiral Pattern

The three spirals connected to one centre point is the symbol of progress and competitive spirit. The centre point is actually the body and the three symbols symbolise adjustments and versatility.

#19.Arrow tattoo

A tattoo with many meanings. Arrow is a weapon that is actually a symbol and a source of protection. This actually could symbolise protection for yourself and your loved ones. An arrow Designs can be inked on the elbow, back, fingers or the back of the feet.

#20.An Enso tattoo designs for men

An open circle, symbolizes light, strength and the world. If your dreams are far fetched and your efforts are even much harder, then this is the one for you. This Drawing also symbolizes that everything’s might have its disadvantages and flaws, however it can still be beautiful.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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