15 Classy Chaniya Choli Blouse Designs for You


India is known for its variable clothing style and cultures. There are many attires like Saree, salwar suit, kurti and lehenga blouse design . And there is no doubt that Lehenga blouse design  has replaced the heavy saree looks with its wonderful and authentic designs. There are an amazing range of lehenga blouse design found in the market and every women have it in their wardrobe. The reason behind it is simple- these are perfect for weddings, receptions and even for festivals. And no lehenga blouse design look can be completed without a matching blouse.

Blouse are found in many different designs and patterns and there is no reason to say no to a contemporary style. You are lucky that there are so many contemporary designs of blouses available in the market. From sleeveless to backless, blouses never fails to surprise you. So take a deep breath and get ready to enjoy an amazing collection of Classy Chaniya Choli Blouse patterns. We bet that you gonna love it.

1.The Off-Shoulder Blouse:

Many styles come and go but the off-shoulder blouse is able to maintain its gracefulness and exotic look. It is sophisticated, yet reveal your shoulder bone in the most authentic way. For the best look, you can pick it up with the embroidery or minimalistic embellishments. The gold or silver work will suit the best with it. Such blouses look fashionable and go well with the trends.

2.Semi-Sheer Blouse:

Many people love it while some don’t, but the semi-sheer chaniya choli blouse is something that they can’t ignore. These are elegant, gives the feminine vibes and make you look ravishing. You can choose its embroidery according to your choice as it the one thing that will define the dive look. Either carry it to cocktail parties or to your own wedding, this blouse will always make you look like Diva.

3.Cape Blouse:

No doubt, every women love to feel strong and wear a cape. So, this chaniya choli blouse will help you to do both. These are quirky and are perfect for the women who don’t want the authentic Indian look. You can wear it to haldi or mehendi functions, according to your choice and bring out the fun element of your lehenga blouse design. Choose the hue and style according to the occasion and season.

4.Lace Blouse:

Some designs are very close to our mind, and this laced blouse is something just like this. It has the absolutely stunning lace details that go perfectly with the Solid crepe or silk skirts. The Lace is perfect for summer and spring season as it adds the latest style to you overall lehenga blouse design. You will admire its perfect sheerness and romantic look. Choose the lace according to your choice.

5.Chikankari Blouse:

Looking for something elegant, royal and eye-catchy? If yes, then the chikankari blouse is perfect for you. The Lucknow based Chikankari embroidery is something that has made its comeback. The handloom project is something that brought it back with the help of its innovation and designing. Such bloused are prefect for summer weddings. You will feel regal after wearing it with your chaniya choli Blouse .

6.Peplum Blouse:

Peplum blouses are perfect for the women who want to stay experimental with their chaniya choli Blouse. These look royal and slip into a feminine yet western peplum top touch. These are graceful and suits every figure. You will admire its edgy look that can stand out in the crowd. The designer houses are experimenting with their look because of the high demand. There is a lot to do with it.

7.Velvet blouse:

Velvet bloused are very near to our heart as it has never gone out of fashion. These are joyful, royal and feel amazing to our eyes. These Chaniya Choli blouse are usually found with golden or silver work, which makes it even more attractive and heavier. Choose its neckline and sleeves according to your choice and get a perfect Regal look.

8.Blouse with the extra detailing:

Nowadays, women love to experiment with their look and add their personal touch to an authentic chaniya choli Blouse and lehenga blouse design. And the best way to do so is by adding additional details to it. It includes tassels, beads, pearls, mirrors or any other thing. This addition will make you look amazing and combines with your lehenga blouse design in the best way. Just make sure that you choose the right colours of work.

9.Structured Jacketed Blouse:

Are you tomboyish and looking for something less girly? If yes, then this lehenga blouse design is perfect for you. It will feel comfortable, easy to carry, but gives you the perfect runway vibes. You will feel empowered in this different style of blouse. Not only this, it will make you look royal by creating an illusion of extravagance. You will fall in love with your overall look, that is always available to rescue.

10.Necklace blouse:

There are some blouses that gives the vibes that you are wearing a necklace, this one is one of them. It goes well with the chaniya choli Blouse as it has the perfect Indian vibes. Whenever you are going for this blouse, make sure that you are picking it up in a perfect fit. You can choose its look from the golden work, silver work or embellishments. The front princess cut will add a pinch of joy to your look.

11.Pallu Designed Blouse:

Do you know you can get saree like look with your lehenga design? Yes, the pallu designed blouse will help you out. It has the fixed pallu to itself and there is no tension of adjusting it. This design in on the one side of your blouse. You can choose this look according to the occasion and comfort. Also, choose the length and details according to your lehenga skirt and blouse.

12.Butterfly Patterned Blouse:

If you a fan of sleeveless design, then this blouse is perfect for you. It has all the vibes of a sleeveless blouse with a butterfly-like pattern. Women with broad shoulders can go for it. The front and back of such blouses are usually the same, which makes it different from other styles. You can choose its strap in gold or silver, depending on the style of your lehenga skirt.

13.Dual Design Blouse:

These style of blouses is something is preferred by almost every women. This are perfect in every sense and gives you a goddess-like look. The two design look is usually done according to the work and colours on the blouse. You will normally notice them in simple colours with a lot of work. Such chaniya choli blouse will suits the best with heavy skirts and dupattas.

14.Backless Blouse:

Backless blouses are always bold and grab a lot of attention. These are beautiful and add a quirky and sexiness to your chaniya choli Blouse . Choosing this blouse is always a difficult choice as very fewer women are able to carry it properly. But if you have a slimmer figure then this is something for you. There are a lot of designs available in the market, so choose according to your comfort.

15.Boat Neck Blouse:

Although Boat neck is simple, it is still one of the most preferred blouse design for chaniya choli Blouse . It has the designer look on the front, which gives an illusion of boat neck style. You can choose its sleeves according to your choice and figure, after all, the boat neck blouses are the new cool! Choose it with golden or silver embellishments, according to your lehenga blouse and skirt.

Lehenga blouse design are one of the most fashionable Indian Attires and they deserve to be worn with equally beautiful blouses. So select your chaniya choli blouse wisely. Do tell us which one is your favourite…

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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