9 Latest U-Neck Blouse Designs to Look More Elegant


When it comes to the blouse, you will find it in many designs and patterns. But do you know what makes it different from others? Its Neck design. There are hundreds of neck designs found in our clothing industry, but there are few that are known for its comfort and elegance. The U-neck blouse pattern is one of them. It is common and looks amazing with the sarees. The best part is that besides its simplicity, this blouse neck design is known for its unique touch. From slim and healthy women, everyone look attractive in these blouses. You can either get a stitched piece or buy a dress material and get it stitched, both methods will make a beautiful design. And the best part is that a simple U-shape neck style is found in a lot of variety.

Here is a list of 9 latest U-neck blouse designs to look more elegant:

1. Embroidered Dupion Silk U-Neck blouse:

The Dupion Silk is known for its comfort. When the same fabric is used to make a U-neck blouse, it becomes even classier. This U-neck blouse is found in many patterns, but the one with prints and embroidery gives the unique look. It looks designer and colourful. Such blouses add a party look to even the simplest sarees.

Puff Sleeves SILK Saree Blouse

Puff Sleeves Organza Blouse

Puff Sleeves Green Woven Blouse

Hot Pink Puff Sleeved Blouse

2. Back U-Neck blouse:

There is no such rule that U-neck design should be on the front. You can also get your blouse with the U-neck pattern on the back side. Choose its embroidery and embellishment work according to your saree. Even the Dori look will make your blouse look fantastic. Either matches your blouse with your saree or play with some contrast, it will always light up your overall appearance.

3. Floral Print U-neck blouse:

The floral pattern is one thing that everyone loves. A blouse with this print looks cool and goes well with any saree. It looks designer and unique and you can also wear it by mix matching. These are sophisticated and beautiful. The Floral print U-neck blouse makes you look vibrant and add some colour to your simplest saree. Get this blouse and enjoy its elegance and modernity.

4.  Laced Detailed U-neck blouse:

Just like the floral work, the laced details is another thing that women love to have on their garment. The broad U-neck blouse looks designer and goes well with the designer sarees. These help you to show your neck bone. The lacked sleeves will add elegance to this hot blouse style. You can even choose the deepness according to your preference. The particular U-neck blouse will highlight your figure.

5. High U-neck blouse:

Nowadays, two shaded saree are very much in trend. But to do justice with that saree you must need a beautiful blouse. So a half-sleeved u-neck blouse looks amazing with such sarees. It looks simple and elegant. You can choose its colour and deepness according to your choice. Wear a heavy necklace and earrings to balance your look.

6. Black U-neck blouse with Zari work:

As you know, there is no rule that U-neck design is meant for the front side. You can get a deep back U-neck blouse to highlight your saree. The black colour and zari work will make it look different and you will be able to carry it with your any other saree. Such blouses look amazing with simple sarees and black is one colour that merges with anything.

7. Velvet U-neck blouse:

Velvet is a heavy fabric that looks very royal. But if you want to add more style to it, simply get it with the U-neck design. It will look very elegant and stylish and add a designer effect to your saree. You can get with some embroidered work or keep it simple, both will work well with a saree. Get it and feel royal.

8.  Designer Half sleeve U-neck Blouse:

The U-neck blouses with embroidery works look quite beautiful. It looks artistic and magnificent with the unbeatable embroidery. You may know decorations are enough to make your blouse and saree look heavy. The bold design of patches and mirrors will make your blouse look marvellous. So don’t feel shy and get this blouse for your saree.

9. Excellent U-neck blouses:

You will notice that some blouses come with the heavy work that gives an illusion of the jewellery. And when such design is found in the U-neck blouses, it becomes even eye catchy. There will be no need to wear heavy jewellery with such blouses as it has the balanced work on the best spaces possible. Moreover, such blouses looks amazing with the sarees and lehengas.

Women love to dress up and look the best. Although U-neck designs are simple, it goes well with sarees. It merges well with the elegance of the sarees and you will get a chance to change its appearance by choosing the fabric and work of it. So either choose a simple U-neck pattern or something different, it will always make you look stunning.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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