Top 20 Banarasi Designer Sarees that Are Perfect for Indian Weddings


Indian weddings are one event that set the stage for you to wear so many gorgeous ethnic outfits that give you an opportunity to get in touch with the rich culture of our country. The Banarasi saree continues to be extremely popular in the bridal tribe. Nothing beats the good old Banarasi Saree when it comes to bringing in the maximum bridal magnificence.

While most of us might think that the Banarasi wedding sarees are boring, however, the fashion experts beg to differ. According to fashionistas, the Bridal Banarasi Saree is regarded to be one of the most versatile; and gorgeous with so many available colours, patterns, and designs.

Best Banarasi Designer Sarees for Indian Weddings

1. The statement Red Banarasi Silk Saree:

A symbol of love and devotion, the classic red Banarasi silk saree is a statement option for Indian brides and wedding guests. Its rich red shade, adorned with gold zari embroidery and intricate work, forms a royal and traditional look that always looks elegant and stylish.

2. The Royal Blue and Gold Banarasi Brocade Saree:

Welcome the glorious aesthetic with a royal blue Banarasi brocade saree. The glamorous combination of deep blue and glowing gold makes a striking impact, making it an excellent choice for a glamorous Indian wedding.

3. The Pastel Banarasi Saree:

For a modern and trendy twist, you can go for a pastel-coloured designer Banarasi saree. Hues like blush pink, mint green, and baby blue embellished with soft silver or gold zari work can add a hint of grace and elegance to your outfit.

4. The Floral Motif Banarasi Saree:

Floral motifs have an eternal appeal, and when interwoven into a Banarasi saree, they complete a spectacular visual impact. Whether it’s a soft vine pattern or bold floral designs, these banarasi sarees offer a flawless blend of tradition and trend.

5. The Ivory Banarasi Saree:

Perfect for a refined and understated outfit, an ivory Banarasi saree with detailed silver or gold zari work is an elegant choice. It emits elegance and complements almost all wedding functions.

6. The Banarasi Georgette Saree:

Light and comfy, the Banarasi georgette designer saree is excellent for Indian weddings in warmer weather. Its fluid drape, fused with intricate weaving and zari work, makes a fascinating impact.

7. The Dual-Toned Banarasi Saree:

For a modern twist, consider a dual-toned Designer Banarasi saree. The mix of two colours like pink and orange or red and pink can add a unique and vibrant touch to your ensemble.

8. The Banarasi Organza Saree:

If you choose a saree with a sheer and translucent fabric, the Banarasi organza saree is an exceptional choice. It is lightweight, breezy, and embellished with delicate zari work that will get you a lot of compliments.

9. The Gold and Silver Banarasi Saree:

If you are in for making a bold statement at the wedding, opt for a Banarasi saree in gold or silver. The gleaming metallic tones, fused with elaborate patterns, create a grand and rich look that is excellent for different wedding occasions.

10. The Banarasi Tissue Saree:

Popular for its creamy texture and polished appearance, the Designer Banarasi tissue saree is a showstopper. It is usually adorned with intricate zari work and stone magnifications, making it a fantastic choice for an alluring wedding extravaganza.

11. The Banarasi Silk Saree with Resham Work:

Resham work, or silk thread needlework, adds a gorgeous texture and proportions to Banarasi silk sarees. These designer sarees often feature floral or paisley motifs in bright colours, making them an exquisite choice for Indian weddings.

12. The Banarasi Jacquard Saree:

Featuring an extended woven design, the Banarasi jacquard saree presents a striking and textured look. The elaborate designs and patterns add character and visual interest to the saree, making it a standout choice for any wedding function.

13. The Dual Border Banarasi Saree:

A Banarasi saree with dual-tone borders, such as contrasting colours or detailed motifs, adds a hint of personality to your wedding outfit. It forms a beautiful frame for the drape and highlights the overall look.

14. The Banarasi Saree with Meenakari Work:

Meena work, which includes the art of enamelling, adds a deep burst of colours to beautiful Banarasi sarees. The elaborate compositions and colourful designs create a special and eye-catching look, best for festive occasions and weddings.

15. The Banarasi Saree with Stone Embellishments:

For a hint of royalty, choose a Banarasi saree embellished with stonework. Whether it’s Kundan, crystals, or sequin work, the involvement of shimmering stones advances the saree’s grace and makes it an excellent choice for evening wedding celebrations.

16. Katan Silk Banarasi Saree:

Katan Silk Banarasi sarees are a favourite choice for Indian weddings. Made from pure silk, they feature a secured weave and a glossy appearance. The Katan Silk Banarasi saree is a sign of elegance and grandness, making it an excellent choice for brides who want to make a statement on their special day.

17. Tussar Silk Banarasi Saree:

Tussar Silk Banarasi sarees present a combination of grace and raw beauty. Made from Tussar silk, these sarees have a special texture and a soft, earthy feeling. They are adorned with delicate zari work and intricate creations inspired by nature. The earthy tones and fine sheen of Tussar silk make it an ideal choice for daytime wedding ceremonies.

18. Jangla Banarasi Saree:

Known for their mesmerizing weaving patterns, Jangla Banarasi sarees feature intricate and detailed designs, often defining motifs like birds, animals, flowers, and leaves. The Jangla work is done with zari yarns, giving the saree a three-dimensional mark. With their prosperous and elaborate appearance, Jangla Banarasi sarees are an exquisite choice for brides who want to stand out and make a regal statement.

19. Tanchoi Banarasi Saree:

Tanchoi Banarasi sarees are famous for their intricate weaving technique, which forms a stunning brocade effect. These sarees are characterized by their multicoloured, intricate designs and fine floral or paisley patterns. They are a perfect blend of tradition and modern charm, making them a prevalent choice for modern brides and wedding guests.

20. Bandhani Banarasi Saree:

Bandhani Banarasi sarees blend the magnificence of two traditional techniques – Bandhani tie-dye and Banarasi weaving. These sarees feature tiny, detailed tie-dye patterns created by tying and dyeing the fabric, which is then enhanced with Banarasi zari work. The result is a gorgeous saree with a combination of vibrant colours and beautiful designs.

Embrace the rich heritage and eternal magnificence of Banarasi sarees, and create memorable rememberings as you celebrate love, culture, and togetherness at Indian weddings.

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