Search Engine Optimization Tips For Mirraw Designers


I am sure most of you are aware of or at least heard of Search engine optimization somewhere. In this post, I want to highlight some simple tips that can  increase visibility of your boutique, greatly. All this without putting in any effort.

Great Title:

Title is the single most important thing for your design.  Name of your design decides whether it will appear in search result or not.

Title (Design name) appears in 3 places (all super important for SEO)

  •  Page Title: In the browser title bar
  •  Friendly URL: Link in the address bar.
  •  H3 title tag: In the h3 tag on the design page.
What makes a good title, you ask ?
Think of it from the perspective of someone who is searching for your product on google.. How will they find it ?
Examples of bad title:
* Design 3434
* My dream design
* oh this is amazing
* Rs. 200 only
* Super Offer
* PQ-14

Titles like these make me cry.This is like leaving money on the table. Don’t do that. Please don’t.

Examples of good title:
* Ganpati Vinayak Temple Jewellery Set  (Folks searching for Temple Jewellery, Ganpati Set will find this)
* Pastel Cream Chanderi Saree   (Folks searching for Chanderi Saree, Cream Saree will find this)See Now, I am super happy :)If you are skeptical about this tip: search for ‘buy temple jewellery online’, you will know what I mean.


Take advantage of tags. Use all the relevant keywords that user will use to find your designs. If I were to upload chanderi saree, I would use tag like chanderi, chanderi saree, yellow chanderi and probably some misspelling of chanderi.

Inbound Links:

Ask people/ websites / blogs to link to your mirraw boutique. If you have blog / website / facebook page, then place a link to your boutique. More the number of links to your boutique, google considers it valuable. Note: this is true for any domain not only your mirraw boutique.

By the way, Have you linked your facebook page to Mirraw ? If not please link it now and schedule your first post.

Power tip: Schedule Album Posts for weekend so that our software keeps posting even though you are away from your computer.

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Yogesh Chavan
Yogesh Chavan
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