The sound of Wedding bells is the soothing sound of the season! Your favourite cousin has finally found her Prince Charming. Preparations are on and your phone calls to the designers are on speed dial. There’s so much to be done and so little time. To top it all, it’s the big fat Indian wedding in Jaipur and you have to be prepared with everything atleast a week in advance. ’ I mean once you’re there, there’s no way to get those pair of earrings you forgot at home. And besides, the last week is for the last minute Sangeet practices on ‘Dilliwali Girlfriend’ and ‘High Heels you just cannot miss.

Fast forward to the wedding functions! You are having the time of your life. You’ve danced, partied, soicalized and got a few Rishtas in the process. The expensive Saree and the fancy blouses have had quite an impact! Your parents are quite happy. The Bride is ecstatic. You’re on a high. But, then comes the buzzkill on the last day.

While you’re in the room relaxing after a sad Bidaai ceremony, the three days’ fatigue is taking a toll on you. And to make matters worse, your Mum comes to your room, still weeping and asks you to help her pack her bags. Why? Because she’s clearly very upset to do it by herself. And seeing your cousin depart on a new journey, she’s realized you’ll be next sometime soon and she has very little precious time left with you.

Although, your Mum is being adorable, this can be a dangerous situation. Packing your bags together includes folding and packing her Sabyasachi Saree that you’re too scared to even touch. And if the job isn’t done neatly and efficiently enough, all that affection for you is going to turn into worry and anger at the speed of lightening. Worry because you have to get married and you still can’t fold a saree. And anger because you clearly weren’t paying attention when she was teaching you how to do this impossible task. Of course, you could ask her to do it. But, considering the gamut of emotions she is going through right now, we wouldn’t recommend it.

But, while you’re cursing destination weddings and wondering why your housemaid wasn’t invited, #Styleshaala has done the work for you. Here are a few simple steps, we recommend you follow to get the Saree neatly folded and see that proud smile on your mother’s face.

Step 1) Hold the Pallu (loose end of the saree) and go all the way to the other end

      (a) While moving your hand across to the other end, gather the pleats of the saree, holding them between your fingers.

      (b) Ensure that both the ends match so that the folds are evenly divided

      (c) Be careful that the Saree doesn’t fold from the bottom. Try and hold it a little away from the ground.

Step 2) Stretch your arms and bring the folded ends together

  1. Be careful to check all the pleats are in order, between your fingers before doing this.
  1. Fold the saree gently and be careful that the saree doesn’t crease in any way.

Step 3) Stretch your arms again and fold it together

  1. With the help of your fingers, go through the fold.
  1. Keep matching the borders till you have one thick fold.

Step 4) Fold the saree vertically now

  1. Tuck one end of the saree under your neck so that your hands can reach out to the center of the fold.
  2. Match both the ends equally.

Step 5) Fold the Saree again

  1. Fold the Saree for the last time and ensure that the pleats settle over each other equally.

#StyleShaala TIPS


  • Wrap your saree in plastic before packing


Plastic prevents friction and reduces the chances of creasing. You can use plastic zip-top bags.


  • Pack the sarees with heavy work  inwards


To preserve the heavy work on the saree, fold it inside preventing any exposure or friction.


  • Preservation of silk sarees


Preserve the saree in a cotton bag or wrap it in a cotton cloth. It is advisable to iron them keeping a cotton cloth covering the saree first.
Watch our video to see how to do it right:

Yogesh Chavan
Yogesh Chavan
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