Alia Bhatt Look: Bollywood chic ponytail hairstyle


Looking gorgeous is never easy right? It requires tremendous effort, a lot of thinking and every aspect covered. First, you need to hunt for the perfect outfit. Once that’s covered, you have to get your make up right. Even then, the task is barely accomplished.

Even after you have the perfect dress and make up for the occasion ready, it all falls flat if your hair isn’t done right. Getting the right hairstyle becomes as crucial as boarding the train was for Kajol in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge or getting home was for the baby in ‘Baby’s Day out.’ Jokes aside but, the way you do your hair is very important in how you finally end up looking.

Everyday, there are thousands of Videos and articles freely available on styling hair. Different hairstyles are elaborately shown and explained to go with every occasion. Be it a wedding, a party or a birthday lunch, there are a pool of options to choose from that makes you look complete. However, the options are somewhat limited when it comes to hairstyles that go aptly with a formal attire.

In the recent times, Bollywood actress ‘Alia Bhatt’ has quite nailed the look though. Her appearances on various TV shows and promotional events have had her opting for the formal and elegant look. Her youthful charm and carefree attitude have been nicely embedded into a delightful look. Deepika Padukone and Kareena Kapoor Khan have contributed to the look as well. And they’ve done it by opting for a simple ponytail.

It is difficult to imagine the simple school girl ponytail look so attractive. But, these leading ladies have done it. They have set a lovely trend that is classy and comfortable at the same time. I mean, who could have thought that ponytails could look this sexy. But, they clearly do.

We at Styleshaala bring to you the easiest way to get the look. The process is simple and hardly takes any time. Remember the next meeting you have to go to that is monotonous. Here’s a way to add a little glamour to it. Because you know it girl. The better you look, the better you feel.

Step 1: Leaving a front puff, pull up two sections from the side

A puff is a good way to enhance your face cut. It looks trendy and makes your hair look voluminous. Leaving a side puff aside, pull up two sections of your hair from either side all the way to the top.

Step 2: Pin up this partition with two hairpins

You can use more pins depending on the length and volume of your hair. However, do not use too many pins as it will look untidy and spoil the look.

Step 3: Pin up the front puff with Bobby pins

Pin the puff up. Do not pull it too hard or it will fall flat on your face. This will ruin the puffy effect.

Step 4: Gather all the sections together in a side ponytail

Gather all the sections together at one side. Tie them up in a ponytail with the help of a rubberband.



  • Straighten the hair you’ve parted for the puff


This will give a neater and more collected look.


  • Do not use colourful rubber bands and hairpins


To keep your look simple and formal, do not use different coloured pins and bands. Your hair will look unkept and take the formal look away.

  • Braid your hair for different looks


You can tie up the sections together in a side braid or normal braid at the back. You can also try a French braid to experiment with different looks. The process remains the same.


  • Apply light make up or just prominent eye-make up to complete the look


Do not use excessive makeup in a formal gathering.
Watch our Video to see how to do it right

Yogesh Chavan
Yogesh Chavan
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