Partywear Attires for Indian Women


The movie ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ was quite the talk of tinsel town last year. It garnered a lot of attention from the moment the trailer set in. The mesmerizing locations, the handsome Ranbir Kapoor with his loverboy intensity, the two gorgeous leading ladies and the phenomenal background score had the crowd eagerly awaiting the big release. However, as time moved on, the road clearly went downhill and the movie was engulfed in a series of controversies.

And personally, I think what made it worse was the movie being absolutely not worth it. Even after putting together the finest cast, director and a support team, the movie just failed to entice its audience. It just didn’t strike the right chord and lagged on in its entire length. In spite of its share of hits and misses, there was one element where the film clearly shined out. No! I’m not talking about its sensational and soulful music. Okay let’s make that two elements then. The second thing the film got completely bang on was the look of the leading ladies.

Anushka Sharma and Aishwarya Rai Bachchcan undoubtedly looked stunning throughout the film. While Aishwarya’s character had every guy’s heart flipping with her bold, confident and glamorous avatar, Anushka too won hearts with her grounded, modern and unassuming portrayal of Alizeh. Manish Malhotra did a great job on that one. Alizeh’s costumes were especially appreciated for being the perfect fusion of chic and ethnicity.  In fact, it highlighted a very impressive trend that’s catching on now.

Fusion is the fashion mantra of the season. Gone are the days where parties meant backless gowns and deep-neck dresses. Fashion has revolutionized itself to match up to the comforts and sensibilities of every woman. Infact, fancy traditional wear for parties has been a huge hit. Women are joyously opting for this option made available, many adding their own creative touch to the look.

Celebrated designers like Sabyasachi and Ritu Kumar are adding positively to the trend with their out of the box designs and aesthetic fashion sense. Looking sexy and suave is no longer restricted to a particular kind of dress code or a particular length of outfit. There has been an influx of variations from brilliant stylists to make every outfit fit for every occasion.

While we are evolving to get more specific in our tastes, it is indeed a pleasant time to realize that there is an array of options to choose from. No where could we have been in a better time to make a style statement where all that is really required to stand out is our comfort and our confidence.

So, lets take a minute and thank the leading ladies Anushka, Kareena, Alia and others for looking their unassuming best and encouraging this trend. Let’s specially thank all those ladies we see everyday too who are committed to their roots and ethnicity. Because they are the reason that such a fad has caught on and is doing marvels.

And while we are on this topic, here’s a little insight from us. We at Mirraw have completely adored this trend. And since we know your tastes and preferences too, we’ve put in a little bit of our hard work and tried to dig out a few good options for you lovely ladies out there. We’ve collected a lot of images representing the various styles that are fresh and quite in demand this season. The options range from light to heavy, subtle to extravagant, simple to sassy to suit everyone’s tastes.

So, all you ethnic lovers out there, just go through our Video, pick the option you like best, pick up your phone and simply ask “Where’s the Party tonight?”

Yogesh Chavan
Yogesh Chavan
I started writing on this blog in November 2011, with a keen interest with Indian Ethnic Fashion, Since I didn't have any experience or could not get an entry-level position or an internship, I made the decision for blogging to demonstrate my writing talents as well as my love of Indian Ethnic fashion. I posted my Indian style ideas and suggestions that help others try something new and to have fun in their clothes, regardless of Size. I generally disagree with the fashion standards of most people and do not believe in wearing clothes that fit your body shape.