9 Circle Skirt Patterns to Look Fancy


Every season comes with a new trend, but there are few that loves to stay- Circular skirt patterns is one of them. The skirt is something that every women should have in her closet, especially when it’s summer. They will never disappoint you and will take your look to the next level. You may know, the 1950s and 60s styles are coming back into fashion. It is because at that time the skirt patterns were flowy and comfortable and were meant for every women. From prints to plain patterns, every sort of round skirt patterns was found at that time. So here are 9 selected styles of Circle skirts that you will admire. Please have a look:

1.Egyptian Circle Skirt:

Egyptians are known for their vintage style and authentic prints. When we talk about Egyptian circle skirts, their length is between knees to the ankle length. It is usually a long skirt make up of cotton fabric, full of Egyptian craft and civilization designs. You will found it many different decorative colours. Features: Bright, colourful, perfect for parties and festivals and usually made up of cotton and silk fabric.
Features: Bright, colourful, perfect for parties and festivals and usually made up of cotton and silk fabric.

2.Knee Length Circle Skirt:

These beautiful skirts are made up of Nylon fabric and are perfect for parties and business events. It can also give the causal appearance if you will wear it with the right top. The round skirt patterns with perfect plates gives a circular illusion. You will fall in love with its comfort. Features: Plain and flowy, Looks perfect on thin and tall figures.
Features: Plain and flowy, Looks perfect on thin and tall figures.

3.Printed Skirts:

Printed skirts are very much in fashion. It lies in the maxi circular skirt patterns category made up of cotton fabric. These skirt patterns are usually found in full flooring length, which gives a gown-like effect. You can carry this designer piece to the wedding or close occasions. The perfect flow will give you a 3D effect.
Features: Printed, Cotton fabric and looks good on long and thin ladies.

4.Chiffon Circular Skirts:

The Chiffon Circular skirts have the perfect length and flow. These are beautiful and feel comfortable on the skin. You can carry it to the outings and the travelling days. The chiffon material will give you the flare that you have dreamed of. You will admire its overall look.
Features: Long, flowy, look amazing on tall, thin to medium girls.

5.High Waist Circle Skirt:

The skirt patterns is inspired from the ancient time and taken to the next level. This design is a perfect example of it. It is a flawless skirt worn highly over the waist. These are generally short and looks perfect at the parties and casual outing. You can combine it with plain tops or with the teenage style t-shirts.
Features: Satin or cotton fabric, looks perfect on thin and petite girls.

6.Plaid Circle Skirts:

Plaid design skirt patterns are quite in demand because of its vintage look. It is made up of thick cotton fabric. You will fall in love with its 2-3 coloured check pattern. These skirt designs are generally seen in the school uniforms but look quite amazing when worn at the parties. You can pair it with a black belt and tank tops.
Features: Striped design, looks amazing on tall and medium figure girls.

7.Designer Circle skirts:

The designer skirts are usually found with contemporary and unbeatable designs. You will either find it with frills or with the amazing embellishments. These skirts are perfect for cocktail parties. The pencil style of these skirts makes it look perfect on the triangular-shaped women.
Features: Satin or silk fabric, looks the best on tall girls.

8.Fancy Circular Skirts:

The fancy circular skirts, in most of the cases, gives the vibes of the dress. It is very popular between the young girls as they love to wear it at parties. These skirts usually have a lot of sparkles or made up of silk fabric. You can carry it with a tank or sleeveless tops to add some power to it.
Features: Satin fabric, and suits the most on Petite girls.

9.Layered Circular skirts:

Layered skirts are very much in style. These are made up of various layers, can be made up of any fabric. These look the heavy effect and that’s why it is asked to carry it with the short and fitted tops. The roundness of these skirts gives the salsa-like effect.
Features: Night formal events, Suits the most on tall and medium-sized women.

How to style your Circular skirt?

Here are some effective ways to style your skirt:

  1. With round and plain skirt, choose the printed top.
  2. For the floral and printed skirts, go for the plain tops or t-shirts.
  3. Crop tops look prefect on the thin women.
  4. Try to go for fewer accessories. The earrings will do its work.
  5. Choose your footwear according to your height.

Among all, please tell us which skirt style is your favourite.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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