30 Different Types of Skirts Design You Should Know


In western clothing, skirts are definitely a striking piece of the outfit, which can either be worn as formal or casual wear. The comfortable and versatile skirts go easily with any attire.

In skirts, you will certainly get a variety of fabrics and designs. Therefore, to get more details and knowledge about the different patterns, styles and designs in skirts, here is the amassed list of the 30 different and stylish skirts to wear it according to occasions and events.

  1. Mermaid Skirt
  2. Accordion Skirt
  3. Tulip Cut Skirt
  4. Maxi Skirt in Bias Cut
  5. Summer Skirt
  6. Sarong Skirt
  7. Straight Slit Skirt
  8. Pareo Skirt
  9. Wrap-Around Skirt
  10. Handkerchief Skirt
  11. Round Skirt
  12. Tulle Skirt
  13. Layered Skirt
  14. Prairie Skirt
  15. Box Pleated Skirt
  16. Trumpet Skirt
  17. Flounce Skirt
  18. Godet Skirt
  19. 8 Panel Skirt
  20. Cowl Skirt
  21. Pegged Skirt
  22. Slit Skirt
  23. Mini Skirt
  24. Dirndl Skirt
  25. Gored Skirt
  26. Circular Skirt
  27. Bubble Skirt
  28. Broom Stick Skirt
  29. Pencil Skirt
  30. Denim Skirts

#1. Mermaid Skirt

For evening parties, you can choose to wear a mermaid skirt, which comes in different fabrics such as georgette, chiffon, rayon etc. To accentuate your curves and looks, mermaid skirt is one of the best styles in skirts.

#2. Accordion Skirt

The pleated style Accordion skirt is definitely stylish bottom wear. Accordion skirt is available in synthetic fabric only, thus choose the style and design wisely!

#3. Tulip Cut Skirt

Nowadays, tulip cuts are quite popular and trendy. The center slit in tulip skirts gives a wraparound appearance to the wearer. Wear this stylish skirt with the formals to add glamour to your formal looks!

#4. Maxi Skirt in Bias Cut

The long, comfy and body-fitting maxi skirt looks similar to mermaid skirt, but in this style, there are flares at the bottom. You can easily team up this skirt with funky T-shirts!

#5. Summer Skirt

Summer skirts are perfect for casual wear. While pairing the flared summer skirts, you don’t have to ponder about the style as you should simply pair it with the exceptional sneakers.

#6. Sarong Skirt

For beachwear, you must be sniffing out for the exquisite dresses and skirts, right? Then try the sarong skirt, which is wrapped around the waistline and knotted tightly. Go with the digital prints in sarong skirts!

#7. Straight Slit Skirt

The straight slit skirt is similar to pencil skirts in looks. The body-fitted straight skirt has a side slit and loose from the knee region. Additionally, you can wear it as a formal skirt as well.

#8. Pareo Skirt

The smooth and comfortable Pareo skirt became prominent in Malaysia and now every woman prefers to wear this skirt on vacations, especially beach vacations!

#9. Wrap-Around Skirt

The most common and conventional style of skirt is Wrap-around skirt, which can be worn with every woman without feeling uncomfortable.

#10. Handkerchief Skirt

The distinctive and distinguishing tailored cuts in handkerchief skirts are definitely worth the penny. To look classy, do purchase the handkerchief skirt for your wardrobe collection.

#11. Round Skirt

The round design and pattern of this skirt is absolutely exceptional. Choose the bold dark colour in round skirt and flaunt your sassy look on evening parties or girls’ day out.

#12. Tulle Skirt

Tulle skirt has stunning gather and royal look. You can get this skirt either in satin or net fabric and can be paired with a stylish blouse or top.

#13. Layered Skirt

Layered skirt is a semi-casual wear, which means you can either wear it as a casual or a party wear skirt. For befitting styling tips for the layered skirt, you can pair it with the boots or high heels.

#14. Prairie Skirt

The box pleated skirt is a conventional style, which is long in length. To make a fashion statement on parties and gatherings, you can choose prairie skirt!

#15. Box Pleated Skirt

One of the prominent styles in skirts for formal wears is box-pleated skirts. Usually made with the combination of cotton and linen, you can pick this stylish skirt for distinguishing formal wear.

#16. Trumpet Skirt

The body-hugging design of the trumpet skirt from the waistline and flared look at the bottom will surely blow your mind.

#17. Flounce Skirt

The body-fitting flounce skirt can be worn as a casual skirt in bright hue. For a perfect addition to your closet, you can handpick this skirt in vibrant tint to look gorgeous.

#18. Godet Skirt

The trend of godet skirt came from the European countries and now it is popular in Asian countries as well. The body-hugging design at hip bottom and flares at the end is what makes this skirt a perfect one.

#19. 8 Panel Skirt

There is a simple and basic waistband along with the pleats in 8 panel skirts. For casual wear, you can add this garb in your wardrobe.

#20. Cowl Skirt

The alluring and appealing cowl skirt is the foremost preferred choice of the young woman. You can simply pair this stylish skirt with any top to look exceptional.

#21. Pegged Skirt

Pegged Skirts or also known as puffy skirts are quite versatile. There are different patterns and designs in pegged skirts from which you can choose the appropriate one.

#22. Slit Skirt

The attractive slit skirts need no introduction. Just pick the solid bold colour and rock the western look.

#23. Mini Skirt

The combination of white shirt and mini skirt is irresistible, especially black mini skirt.

#24. Dirndl Skirt

Dirndl skirts are fitted around the waistline and the length of these skirts reaches up to the knee region. Pick your favourite style!

#25. Gored Skirt

Gored skirts are usually made from the bright synthetic fabric and absolutely tight fitting.

#26. Circular Skirt

For party wear and special gatherings, you can select an exquisite circular skirt in bold colour and pair it with the flat bellies.

#27. Bubble Skirt

The fashionable and voguish bubble skirts are plain in style but come in various bright and warm colours.

#28. Broom stick Skirt

Broomstick skirts are comfortable to wear with any stylish or plain top or T-shirt as it is not body-hugging in design.

#29. Pencil Skirt

The unmatched look and trend of pencil skirts is undeniable. For a mesmerizing formal look, wear pencil skirts with formal shirts.

#30. Denim Skirts

One of the most common and ordinary styles in skirts is denim skirt. Choose your favourite design, style, cut, shape and colour in denim skirts and team it up with any blouse.

Now, I hope that you are aware of the top 30 trendy and stylish skirts, which are high in demand in the market and online stores.

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