15 Blouse Colours which look Perfect with Green Saree


Saree is Indian attire that adds an elegant touch to any women’s appearance. Although it’s not just the saree but the entire look of it which also includes the right choice of blouse that would enhance your look. Accentuate the beauty of your green saree with these bold colour blocking blouses.

  1. Golden blouse
    The blend of green and gold absolutely never goes out of style. Showcase your essence of royalty with this super appealing colour. Pair up your gorgeous green georgette or chiffon saree with a short sleeve golden blouse to look like the princess that you are. This blouse colour totally does justice to your saree and your entire look.
  2. Magenta three-fourth blouse
    Magenta colour is known to go best with light green chiffon sarees. However, it is important that this colour blocking game is played cleverly when Magenta is what you have. If you have a georgette green saree with light borders, the ideal choice for your blouse would be a Magenta colour three fourth blouse which may or may not have a design at the back.
  3. Navy blue blouse
    Navy blue is a rich colour and pairing it up with your green colour saree would probably be the best thing you would do to enhance your attire. This colour goes exceedingly well with the green sarees and instantly increases your beauty quotient. A navy blue sleeveless blouse with green georgette or chiffon sarees is an amazing combination and will really compliment your overall look.





  4. Orange full sleeve blouse
    Orange is one such colour which has to be played with very carefully. Whether you do justice to your saree depends on the colour you choose for your blouse, and if you use it correctly, orange will make your saree look like no simple attire. Orange full sleeve blouse goes really well with green light weight sarees with solid bold borders.
  5. Olive green blouse
    Olive green is the colour of the season, and you can spot almost every celebrity including this colour in their airport, and red carpet looks. Don’t sit behind and watch the game when you can play it too. Play mindfully with colours to upgrade your appearance. Pair up your gorgeous green saree with an olive green blouse and match the trend like a boss.
  6. Off white blouse
    Off white is the colour of royalty. This colour makes you look soft and subtle. Pair up your green chiffon saree with quarter sleeves off the white coloured blouse and look the best version of you. Off white blouse requires heavy jewellery so keeping the occasion in mind, you can accessorize and rock the event with your appearance.
  7. Black blouse
    The combination of gold thread work on a black fabric has been used over and over by the designers and carried off by the celebs. The gold work looks really appealing in the dark black background, and it’s about time we start using this fusion bomb with our sarees. Wearing a dark green saree with a black blouse that has gold work around the sleeves and the neck would make you look extremely gorgeous.
  8. Pink and cream combination blouse
    Combination blouses are in trend these days, and no other combination complements each other more than the combination of pink and cream colour. With the subtleness of pink colour and the royalty of cream colour, you can definitely do justice to your georgette or chiffon green sarees.
  9. Mustard yellow blouse
    Mustard yellow is everywhere these days. It is all over the ramp as well as the red carpet, and it is high time you welcome it to your closet as well. Pair up your lightweight or even Banarasi green saree with mustard yellow full sleeve blouse to look absolutely chic.
  10. Pretty purple blouse
    Purple is a funky colour, and it keeps your appearance really refreshing and bright. Pair up your green saree with a purple three fourth blouse with minimal jewellery. With this outfit, you are good to go on any day-time functions, be it a Puja or a Shaadi.
  11. Multicolour printed blouse
    If you want to play it safe and definitely want to make sure you are still looking the best in the room, go multicolour! No matter what the occasion is, a multicolour printed blouse is bound to do justice to your appearance. With a three fourth sleeve and a subtle print, you are good to go!
  12. Baby Pink blouse
    If elegance was a thing and we needed colour to describe it, a baby pink colour would be the best. With a combination of elegance and beauty, this colour makes you ready to slay in any occasion. Pair up your green chiffon or georgette saree with a quarter sleeve baby pink blouse, and you will look the prettiest in any and every room.
  13. Yellow blouse
    The combination of yellow and black is something that goes really back in time and still never gets old. This is the safest bet you could make on your appearance and will definitely win. A combination of black embroidery work in the background of black fabric is going to accentuate your look like nothing else.
  14. Red blouse
    Red is the colour of bold women. It is not enough to wear anything these days; it is important that whatever you wear empowers you and shows the personality that you have. Red is a bold colour and to carry it off; you have got to be a strong woman too.
  15. Peach blouse
    Look subtle with peach blouses and pair it up with your gorgeous green saree to look your best in every occasion.

Sarees are an essential part of any Indian women’s wardrobe, and the one the thing that justifies the look of sarees is its blouse. Choose the colour of your saree wisely to look beautiful.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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