7 Designer Kurtis that you can wear without Leggings


Kurtis is one of the most preferred Indian Attire. It looks amazing on every women and you can’t deny the fact that this specific Indian attire has changed its look to a visible extent. We live in an era where the western world is ruling our clothing industry. And because of that, the modern women love to experiment with their looks and attires. It is the reason why designers use to look for some amazing ways of adding an edge to a normal kurti. The best way to do it is by designing the kurtis in such a way that it doesn’t need to be carried with the leggings or any sort or bottoms. You don’t believe it? Here are 7 such kurtis that you can wear without bottoms and look amazing in it:

1.Navy Blue Embroidered Net Kurti:

There are few kurtis that looks exactly like a one piece, and this navy blue embroidered net kurti is one of them. It is a beautiful and sober kurti that gives a perfect party wear appearance. This kurti comes with the same colour embroidery work, which makes it even more attractive. You will fall in love with its overall look and length.

2.White Printed Cotton Stitched Kurti:

No doubt, the Western world is ruling our world and this specific kurti is a perfect example of this statement. It is a sporty sleeveless kurti with a small flower on one shoulder. It has the overall horizontal stripes that make it look more western. Additionally, it has a slit and the contemporary fabric work on the backside, which makes it perfect in every sense. Carry it with your white shoes make this kurti look even better.

3. Multicolor Printed Cotton Poly Kurti:

The multicolour prints is another design that is loved by the Indian women. It is modern but looks amazing on kurtis. So this specific kurti comes with the same work. It has a contemporary neck design with three yellow buttons and an effect on a shirt or coat. Also, it has shirt-like sleeves. You will admire its style and simplicity. This kurti will look amazing when you will carry it like a dress.

4. Contemporary Multicolor printed cotton poly kurti:

This specific kurti is another piece with beautiful and modern prints. In contrast to the above-given kurti, it only has three colours on itself. This kurti gives a shirt-like effect and have the five buttons on the front side. If you have a short height then its print will make you look taller. This Kurti is very elegant and looks perfect without any bottom wear. You will admire its modern and contemporary look.

5.Light Green Printed Crepe Kurti:

Are you looking for something long and elegant? If yes, then this kurti is perfect for you. The kurti is found in the beautiful colour i.e. light green which suits almost every women. It is long in length and comes with the same contemporary long sleeves. At the end of the sleeves and bottom, you will find a beautiful floral print that will add an edge to your look. Every women must have it in their wardrobe.

6.Teal-Blue Printed Rayon Kurti:

This specific long kurti is different from others. It above area on the kurti gives a shirt-like effect as it has a collar, pockets, three buttons and perfect sleeve length. And the lower part of this kurti is flowy with the connected tassels on itself. The colourful tassels add a beautiful touch to this kurti. You will admire its comfort and style.

7.White Printed Rayon Kurti:

If you a fan of elegance and beautiful floral print, then this kurti is perfect for you. It is a sleeveless kurti with a different style of closed neck design. The overall floral work on the white long kurti gives a perfect balanced effect. You will fall in love with its flowy effect and elegance. Such kurtis will make you look royal and modern. Don’t feel shy to carry this white printed rayon kurti to a party or outing.

Now, you know that you carry your kurti just like a Dress. There is no need to wear a bottom under it. You simply have to feel comfortable and elegant in it, mix and match it with the perfect accessories and you are good to go. Get these kurtis and add an edge to your ethnic wardrobe.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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