How to Drape a Saree: 20 Simple & Stylish Ways to Wear a Saree


It’s beyond our imagination how a piece of garment can be worn in so many different styles and totally change the way you look. A basic saree can give you powerful, timid, fun, classic, royal and elegant touches just with a difference in how you drape it! And if you are looking for something fusion wear and playful for different occasions, you should certainly try different simple and stylish Saree draping styles for a classic look. Style your gorgeous sarees in a special way and look nothing less than a diva on whatever the event is. 

With impressive color combinations, pairing up with a tunic, corset or top, and experimenting with the pallu drape. The possibilities are infinite. Keep reading to know more and pick your own stylish way to wear a saree.

1. Dhoti Style Saree Draping

The Dhoti style saree drape is one of the most fashionable and fresh draping styles among saree fashion enthusiasts. Dhoti Saree is an easy and swift way to look gorgeous for parties or other casual affairs. For a perfect dhoti saree drape, make sure that the saree fabric is something like chiffon and with sheer prints so that the dhoti drape is clearly visible underneath. To make the style even more stunning make sure you pair it with a beautiful blouse and Lycra tights.

2. Inverted Fashion Drape

All of us fell in love with the blue saree Deepika Padukone wore in Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani. The super stunning look was channeled with an inverted drape style saree. The style takes inspiration from the mermaid design, though it is joined modestly below the waist to accentuate the curves, while the wrap gets slender at the bodice. This saree fashion is just right to draw attention to your hourglass figure and make headings.

3. Trail Style drape

The trail style saree is basically draped the usual way, but the pallu end is draped so that it is extended enough to form a trail when pinned in the rear. This is best decorated if you are having a massive event to attend.

4. Bengali style saree 

Bengali sarees are known for their grace and it is painless to see why. Wearing a bengali style saree is extraordinary and unique as it demands careful attention to details and keen interest in fashion. The style is the best way of showing femininity, elegance and class. The Bengali saree with its unique pleats, cheerful colors, and creative designs, is a graceful addition to any female’s wardrobe.

5. Corset-style saree drape

Corset tops and blouses are “the” obsession that modern girls absolutely adore. The corset blouse is fitted at the waist and the saree flares at the bottom, which accentuates your body shape. A corset belt in a similar print as your pallu, will highlight your curves.

6. Gujarati style saree

We all love the Gujarati saree draping styles. If you have seen sarees with bright colors and gota embroidery, you would know plenty about Gujarati sarees as well. Go with some ultra-chic blouse designs with it!

7. Saree with Pants

Another beautiful idea for wearing a saree is with pants. We also absolutely love the royal glamor that the saree pant look showcases. Take inspiration from this gorgeous fusion saree style to amp up your look for the next festive occasion.

8. Lehenga-style saree drape

Most of us are of the opinion that a lehenga is the best outfit for wedding festivities but don’t have enough time to shop. Well here is an excellent solution. You can wear a gorgeous silk saree in a lehenga style, to give a perfect illusion of a bridal trousseau/lehenga.

9. Ruffle saree drape

You do not have to spend a lot of money to buy a luxurious designer saree to look uber chic. You can simply get a ruffle drape saree and easily get it finished as per your own style. This style is not only super glamorous but also turns heads wherever you go. 

10. Mumtaaz style saree drape

It’s time that we add a contemporary twist to the classic Mumtaz style drape. You can play around with different draping styles, such as wearing a high waist and using a belt to secure the pleats. This draping style presents a touch of elegance and glamor.

11. Marathi/Kashta Style

Commonly worn in Maharashtra, the Maharashtrian or Kashta style saree concerns draping the saree from the back to the front, with the saree’s pallu set over the left shoulder. This drape style is known for its sophistication and grace.

12. Nivi-style saree drape

The Nivi style saree is the most typical and widely worn saree draping style. It involves pleating the saree and securing it into the petticoat, letting the pallu (the loose end of the saree) fall elegantly over the shoulder.

13. Butterfly-style saree drape

If you have a curvy body, the butterfly saree draping style would be an excellent choice. This draping style looks so perfect if you pick a silky fabric which could beautifully define your pleats like the captivating wings of a butterfly. In this saree style, the front pallu does all the magic.

14. Fish cut saree style

The fish cut saree drape is characteristic of its petticoat. This petticoat is fitted at the waist and beautiful flares out at the bottom, which accentuates your body shape. As you may have already guessed, it is the petticoat that is the shows topper here. The petticoat fabrics can be satin, silk, and cotton.

15. Tamilian Style saree drape

The Tamilian saree also referred to as the Madisar saree, is distinguished by its special pleating. Unlike the traditional Nivi drape, the Tamilian drape included wrapping the saree around the waist and pleating it in the front, with the pallu positioned forward and draped over the left shoulder. This drape is known for its simplicity and classic appeal, often with a contrasting colour blouse.

16. Kodagu (Coorgi) Saree drape

Having its roots in the beautiful region of Kodagu in Karnataka, the Kodagu saree has a unique pleating technique. The saree is draped in a manner that makes wide pleats at the back, secured with a belt, and the saree pallu is worn over the right shoulder. This design echoes the elegance and traditional charm of Kodagu’s culture.

17. Gond Style Saree

Coming from the tribal region of Gond in Central India, the Gond style saree draping is a distinctive and creative expression of tribal civilisation. It concerns pleating the saree in a different manner than the conventional saree style. The Gond saree hails vibrant colours and fierce patterns, making it a real reflection of tribal aesthetics.

18. Kerala Style

Also known as the Mundum Neriyathum, the Kerala style saree is an elegant and basic style. It involves wearing a two-piece saree with a simple white or off-white cotton fabric. The lower attire, known as the Mundu, is draped around the waist, while the upper garment, the Neriyathu, is pleated and draped over the left shoulder. The saree reflects the clarity and tranquillity of Kerala’s culture.

19. Rajasthani Saree Style

The Rajasthani saree is a rich and colourful expression of Rajasthan’s prosperous heritage. It involves pleating at the back, getting the pallu to the front over the right shoulder, and securing it into the waistband. This type often contains detailed embroidery, mirror work, and dynamic prints, echoing the queenly and creative traditions of Rajasthan.

20. Parsi Style Saree Drape

Influenced by the Parsi community’s special heritage, the Parsi saree drape involves draping the saree in a Gujarati fashion, with the pallu draped diagonally across the torso, completing an asymmetric and modern look. This style often includes vibrant colours, detailed prints, and light embroidery, reflecting the Parsi community’s admiration for creativity and aesthetics.


1. Which saree drape style is the best for beginners?

   If you are a beginner at wearing sarees, start with the simple Nivi style. It’s basic, elegant, and generally worn. Once you get used to it, you can explore other saree draping styles.

2. How to drape a saree quickly?

   If you have limited time or want a quick saree draping method, a pre-stitched or ready-made saree with a pre-pleated pallu can be your go-to choice. They are very easy to wear and save you time.

3. Which saree draping style is the best for traditional events?

   For traditional occasions like weddings or festivals, go for classic saree draping styles such as the Bengali saree, Gujarati saree, or Maharashtrian style. These styles hold the cultural essence and make a statement.

4. Which draping style is the best for a modern and fashionable look?

   The dhoti style saree looks both modern and fashionable, butterfly style, or the mermaid style are also good options. They offer a stylish twist to the traditional saree, making you stand out.

5. How to look good in a saree?

   Here are some tips to enhance your saree look:- Pick a well-fitted blouse that complements the saree.
Pick a matching or contrasting petticoat to add personality to your saree look
Play around with different draping styles and pleat formats.
Use pins to secure pleats and the pallu to avoid any mishaps.    
Accessorize with statement jewellery like necklaces, earrings, or bangles.

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