50 Tattoo Designs and Ideas For Men and Women


Nowadays, the tattoos are quite trending and popular among the young generation. To show their love, passion and dedication towards what their love and beliefs, the majority of individuals prefer to get it tattooed on their skin.

Hey! If you are one of those searching for stunning tattoos, then here is the list of 50 best design ideas that you must look for.


1. Star Designs

Star design tattoos have different meanings and symbols. The small stars on the back are quite trending and popular among men and women both. It’s simple and elegant in tattoos!

2. Tribal Designs

Nowadays, there is an amazing collection of tribal tattoo, which are preferred by both men and women. The symbol of indigenous culture, the tribal tattoo designs are carried out in different patterns and shapes.   

3. Wings Style Design

If you are searching for spiritual meaning in a tattoos, then get it inked with this super elegant wings style tattoo. Else, you can also look for the angel style wings tattoo, which signifies guidance and protection.

4. Maori Pattern

The maori pattern tattoo are specially inked by those men and women who are interested in tribal life. The tribal designs in different and unique patterns, lines and motifs are just exciting to get it inked specifically on the back.

5. Haida Tattoo

The Haida are complex yet beautiful in design and style. Now, you can experiment with your design with this popular and stunning Haida tattoo idea.

6. Dream Catcher

Presently, dream catcher tattoo are gaining immense popularity these days. The combo of feathers and birds is just perfect in this dream catcher tattoo. Even in dream catcher tattoos, you will get a wide variety of designs and patterns.  

7. Dragon Style

One of the classic and traditional designs in tattoo is dragon style. It’s a neither mixture of both the cultures Japanese and Chinese, which neither depicts good nor evil. You can experiment with this dragon style tattoo.

8. Swallow Tattoo Designs

The swallow birds standing on the branch is depicts the dead souls of the ancient times. With this swallow, now you can flaunt your back easily.

9. Sun Deign

The sun design tattoo on the back is absolutely gorgeous and stunning. In every culture, Sun is considered as the strength, passion, courage and light. In sun tattoo design, there are different unique patterns from which you can choose the one.

10. Stars and Moon Design

Just like Sun, the fusion of moon and stars in a tattoo design also represents some philosophies. The eternal and pure moon with the fusion of twinkling stars in a tattoo is absolutely a great choice.


1. Angel

The angel tattoo on the arm are said to be pious and heavenly. This is definitely one of the popular tattoo designs in women specifically done on the arm.

2. Maori

The Maori design is among the prominent tattoo designs, which has unique bold lines and motifs. If you are looking for a traditional tattoo design on arm, then maori tattoo is an appropriate one.

3. Haida

The stunning beauty and complexity of the Haida on the arm is truly a unique tattoo that you can prefer to get it inked. Clan Crests is the original family of the Haida.

4. Fairy Style

The fairy style design is simply perfect for the women to get it inked on the arm. This tattoos depicts innocence, imagination and wonder.

5. Kanji Design

Kanji tattoo designs are the appropriate one to express the emotions and deep feelings. This eye-catching and attractive tattoo design is the perfect to experiment with.

6. Pin Up girl’s

The pin up girl tattoo design is one of the best designs for girls to get it imprinted on their arm. The bold and glamorous pin up girl tattoo design is absolutely attractive.

7. Crown Design  

The crown tattoo design symbolises individual’s belief, judgement, sovereignty and existence. This type of tattoo is a great choice for men and women both.

8. Egyptian Design  

The Egyptian design is undoubtedly an artistic work which is done wonderfully. This tattoo symbolises the dead forefathers or ancestors of the Egyptians.

9. Tiger

The myths and stories connected with the tiger are undoubtedly present in almost every culture. The ferocity, passion, power and wrath of the tiger are what he’s renowned for.

10. Lion Design

The lion design is considered one of the best tattoos. You can simply get it inked on your arm and flaunt it like anything.


1. The Dove Design

For women, the dove design on the neck is absolutely elegant and beautiful to get it inked, isn’t it?

2. Snowflakes

One of the simple yet gorgeous designs for the neck is snowflakes one. This snowflakes design is specifically inked to celebrate the winter coming. If you love the season of winter, then this is definitely for you.

3. Scorpion

Hey, badass people! Are you searching for a mesmerising badass tattoo for neck? Then, go ahead and experiment with the stunning scorpion tattoo design on your neck.

4. Bird Design

The bird tattoo is absolutely unique and different to get it inked on the neck. The intricate bird tattoo goes from one end to another.

5. Dream Catcher

In neck tattoo designs, this is definitely a hot and popular one among the ladies. Undoubtedly, it’s a unique and eye-catching neck tattoo design.


1. Star Designs

The simple and sophisticated star on fingers is perfect symbolism of truth and hope. This is absolutely a meaningful tattoos design that you can get inked on your fingers.

2. Lion Designs

The super amazing lion design in detailed work on fingers is simply perfect. This powerful tattoo symbolises the strength and power of a lion.

3. Crown Designs

In men and women, the crown shaped tattoo is quite prominent, isn’t it? You can get this crown shaped tattoo inked on your fingers in black and white shade.

4. Alphabet Style Tattoo

Yes, you can also go ahead with this alphabet on your fingers. To express your loves towards the person, you can get the alphabet tattoo inked on your finger with the first alphabet with some unique patterns. Well, this type of tattoo designs is quite trendy and popular among the youngsters or newly wedded couples.  

5. Musical Designs

The musical tattoo designs are perfect for the music lovers. The musical instruments or simply the music tattoo designs can perfectly match with the personalities of musicians.


1. Lettering Designs

The lettering designs on hands are preferred by almost every woman in tattoos designs. Even the famous Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities have inked lettering tattoos on their hands.

2. Feather Tattoo

In feather, there are different variations and designs from which you can choose. However, the feather style tattoo is undeniably gorgeous.

3. Butterfly Designs

Another popular and trending hand design, especially in women is butterfly tattoo design. In different styles and designs, you can enjoy the beauty and grace of this stunning butterfly tattoos design inked on your hand.

4. Religious Tattoos Designs

In men and women, the religious designs are absolutely popular. This significant is specially designed on hand.

5. Zodiac Tattoo

If you love your sunshine or zodiac sign, then get it inked on your hand too. If you too are fascinated by the zodiac signs, then you can get it inked your zodiac symbol.

6. Arm band

The armband tattoo design on hands looks hot, especially on men. From the long list of amazing tattoo designs, you can choose to go with this hot and super sassy arm band tattoo design with arrows.

7. Positive Quotes Tattoos Designs  

In women, the positive quotes tattoos designs are immensely popular. No doubt, men also prefer to get positive quotes inked on their hands as they inspire and motivate them towards their betterment.

8. Creative Tattoo Designs

From thumb impressions to aesthetic tattoos on hands is simply adorable. Without any second thought, you can choose from the long list and get it inked on your hands.  

9. Musical Pattern Designs  

Ink your favourite and all-time loved music pattern on your hand. It’s perfect for both men and women to get their hands inked with a musical instrument they love or admire the most.  

10. Liner Patterns Designs

The liner tattoo designs are for the beginners. They can flaunt their hands in this super amazing liner pattern design without any worries.


1. Little Penguin Tattoos

The penguin style tattoo design on ankle is undoubtedly adorable to get it inked. This super cute penguin style tattoo design on ankle is definitely a thing to flaunt now, isn’t it? Even men can prefer to get this inked on their ankle comfortably.

2. Infinity Tattoos Designs  

The infinity symbol tattoo design on the ankle is quite simple. Although it’s a simple and unique design for ankle but you will get some amazing variations in this infinity symbol tattoo design. Yes, there are some intricate patterns also available in this style of tattoo design.

3. Floral Pattern Tattoo Designs

The bold black lines without any colour or shades in tattoos are appropriate for men and women both. You can choose from the long list of different styles and patterns of floral tattoos and get it inked on your ankle.

4. Mandala Tattoo Designs

The Indian style Mandala tattoos on the ankle is quite prevalent these days among the youngsters. The craze for Mandala tattoos, especially on ankle is over the top. You can choose the prevalent Mandala tattoo from the long list and ink it in your style.  

5. Spider Tattoo

For men and women, the spider tattoos on ankle is simply eye-catching. From the different styles and patterns in spider tattoo design, you can choose the one you love the most and get it inked on your ankle.

6. Dragon Tattoo

The bold and beautiful dragon style tattoos on ankle is absolutely different and unique. Just mix it with some other patterns to make it look mesmerizing.

7. Quote Designs

Now, you can also experiment in your ankle tattoos with the quote styles. Ink your favourite quote or music line/title on your ankle with some bridies and stars to make it look attractive and stunning.

8. Black Swan Tattoo

What do you think about the stunning and beautiful black swan tattoo on ankle? Simply imagine this beauty!

9. Alive Tattoo

The combination of the written word alive along with the lines extending from both the sides depicts the beautiful survival. The majority of young women and men prefer to get this tattoos inked on their ankle.

10. Sparrow Tattoo

The sparrow tattoos design on ankle will definitely adorn the beauty of your ankle too.  

To sum it all up, these are the top 50 tattoo designs that are preferred by almost every man and woman to get it inked on their different boy parts as per their interests.

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