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15 Beautiful and Easy Mehndi Designs for Leg


For every woman, any occasion is incomplete without the stunning mehndi designs. mehndi is considered as one of the fashion statement and come in various styles including, Indian and Pakistani. 

Majority of women prefer to go with the mehndi designs, especially on auspicious occasions like wedding. The mehndi designs are immensely popular in India because they look stunning and quite unique from other mehndi styles.

If you are looking for Mehendi designs specifically for legs, then you must check out the below mentioned 30 beautiful designs.

1. Floral Pattern Arabic Leg Mehndi

The gorgeous Arabic  Leg Mehendi design in floral pattern on the feet, which reaches up to the ankle, is distinguishing in look. This distinctive Mehendi design is definitely stunning for legs.

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2. Striped  Leg Mehendi Design   

The criss cross striped mehndi design is immensely popular and trendy. The lovely small design on the fingers makes it much more appealing.

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3. Intricate Trial On legs

Besides hands, there are some intricate leg Mehendi designs in trails for feet, which have some elegant patterns and designs.

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4. Peacock Style Arabic Mehndi

The peacock style Arabic mehndi on feet makes a beautiful combination with flowers and leaf designs. The fascinating peacock style Mehendi can be adorned with stunning designs on fingers.

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5. Detailed Leg  Mehendi

The detailed and intricate mehndi legs have some classy patterns inside, which looks exceptional on every woman. The design on the fingers is also intricate and quite time consuming, but it’s worth the single minute.

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6. Indian and  Leg Mehendi 

The amalgam of and Indian Leg Mehendi designs is just irresistible. The flower motifs and leafy patterns make this design trendy and prominent one among the ladies. 

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7. Floral Fusion

This stunning and charming leg mehndi design for legs is the fusion of conventional and modern style  Leg mehndi. You can prefer to go with this beautiful Mehendi design.

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8. Charming Glitter Mehendi

To add a zing to your entire mehndi design, you can try this distinctive yet charming glitter style leg mehndi design, which is absolutely incomparable with any other Mehendi design.

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9. Simple Mehendi Design

The gorgeous and exquisite mehndi design for feet is simple yet elegant. For a glamorous look in ethnic attire, you should prefer to try this Mehendi design.

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10. Unique Arabic  Leg mehndi  Trail

In this Arabic Mehendi design, there are some unique and striking leg mehndi designs drawn on the legs along with different curves and charms. To flaunt your legs, this one is definitely a perfect  Leg mehandi.

Source: pinterest

11. Cross Trail Mehendi Design

The subtle and splendid cross tail  Leg mehandi design will make your foot a canvas. Starting from the foot and ending the design at toe, in this Mehendi there are some innovative flower and leaf motif designs.

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12. Anklet Style  Leg Mehendi

Rather than wearing the conventional style jewellery, go with this attractive and alluring anklet style leg mehndi design with amazing fillers and dots. This Mehendi design will make your feet look much more unique and appealing.

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13. Elegant Leaf Mehendi Design

Similar to tattoo, this leaf pattern Mehendi design is absolutely adorable and alluring. If you wish to go with the simple yet elegant Mehendi design, then go with this single leaf motif Pakistani Leg mehndi.

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14. Full Pakistani Mehendi

For the Indian brides, full hand Pakistani leg mehandi can be the foremost preferred choice. In this design, front and back hand is covered with intricate and detailed mehndi designs.

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15. Fashionable Pakistani Leg Mehandi

The fashionable Pakistani mehndi is simply perfect for the parties and events. The stylish and modern designs of this Mehendi make it more versatile to be paired with any attire.

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