30 Unique Baby Girl Names for Your Baby Doll


It’s a big responsibility to choose a good name for your daughter. It will be fun while choosing a name, but it can be stressful too. After all, as a new parent its one of the important decisions for you to make.

If you are looking for a perfect name for your baby girl with a special meaning to honour your tradition and your family, then here is some for you to find a unique name for your daughter.

Baby Girl What’s Your Name???

Cute Baby Girl Name with Meaning

Sr No.Name Meaning
1Amodini The name was originated from Sanskrit which means happy girl. They are pleasurable, fragrant and joyful.
2Aadya The word signifies the mother earth, it is also the name of Goddess Durga, First power, Unequalled, The earth.
3KayraIt is a Latin word. It means someone who is peaceful, lady like, unique. The name was used in reference to love the mankind as it means someone who is merciful and kind.
4PrishaIt means talent given by god. They are considered to be the powerhouse of energy. People with the name starting with P usually have more enthusiasm and energy and have a creative mind. They like to solve problems on their own and are very thoughtful in nature.
5SanskritiIt’s a Sanskrit name which means the first and the excellent. It has another meaning as in the mother earth. The name refers to the sanskriti -Shakti which means that the power from which the birth of the universe took place.
6ShanayaThis name was originated from Sanskrit and is known as the first ray of the sun. It also means a gift from god, beautiful and lucky.
7AadvikaAadvika stands for being unique in all aspects. Their creative works are outstanding, and they are strong minded. It also stands for having a promising nature with a loving character.
8SiaraThe name stands for something pure and holy. The name has a deep inner desire to inspire. They choose careers that place them in the limelight but are often reckless with money.
9TakshviThe name is usually used in Bengali and is not very common. It means bold and materialistic. They enjoy love and power. They are good in business with a high intellectual thinking and are trustworthy.
10AnshiIt is originated from Sanskrit and means that they are the gift from god. They are passionate towards their own work with a very strong mind. They have a promising nature but are stubborn sometimes.
11RiyaIn Sanskrit Riya means “singer”. It means gem or the Goddess Laxmi. Their personality is everything to do with wealth and power. They are hard driving individuals and have a good strategic mind.
12IshanviIt means the goddess of knowledge and the one who is determined and independent. They have a down to earth personality and does not have trouble in making new friends.
13DhruviIt means a faithful person or a polar star. The origin is from Hindi. They have a lot of energy and is firmly fixed on one thing when they set eyes on it.
14KashviIt means someone who is very bright. Their luminous character is very pleasing and are considered to be deep thinkers. They tend to be analytical and quite intelligent.
15RuhiIt means the one who touches the heart with their beautiful and pure soul. They name is originated from Sanskrit and has a very spiritual value. It also means to prosper and thrive wherever they go.
16AvikaIt means that the one who has a charismatic personality. It also means a diamond. They are bright like a sun and has a cheerful character.
17NivaThe name is originated from Hebrew which means “to talk”. It is also one of the 1000 names of Narmada river.
18ParnaviThe first sound which was produced when the whole universe was made is known as Parnavi. They are determined and try to do the impossible.
19JanvikaIt means the one who gathers knowledge. They are the dispeller of ignorance.
20MahiraThe origin of the name is not certain. The name means someone who is very talented and gifted. They are often very lucky and powerful.
21AnviIt is one of Mahalaxmi`s name. It is known as the goddess of forest and the one who fulfills your dream and desire. They are born leaders and has a charismatic personality.
22NainikaIt is derived from Sanskrit and the meaning of the name is “the one who has beautiful and attractive eyes.” It is also known as “the pupil of the eye.” They have a very shining and unique eyes.
23VeronikaIt is a Latin name which mean someone who is truthful and honest. In the biblical version she is someone who handed her handkerchief to Christ while on her way back to Calvary. The likeness appeared on the handkerchief and therefore the name was given.
24AdvitaIt means the first one or the number one. They are unique and are very passionate. They have a promising nature and prefer working and solving things on their own.
25NehaIt means someone who is admired and affectionate. They are the bright one and are the shower of affection and love.
26PavikaIt means the Goddess Saraswati with a pure soul. They are very good at balancing the inharmonious situations and is inclined to help people.
They have an outstanding capability of love and creativity. They usually devote themselves in helping other people.
27TiyaIt is derived from Sanskrit which means “a bird”. Their imagination is great and are very constructive in their occupation. They have a patriotic character and love where they live.
28AdrijaIt is the name of goddess Parvati which means the mountain or the one born in mountain.
29VihaIt means and angel or and heaven. They are very ambitious and have a sole goal to fulfill their dreams. They are humorous and have a tendency to live in the moment. Their imagination is so high that they try to create their own unique world aroung them.
30KeyaraIt means someone who is small with a dark hair. They are beautiful and strong. The name also has another meaning which is “the beautiful river”.
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