10 Exotic Asian fruits with power advantages we bet you know!


Fruits could be best mate for every one of us, if consumed in right proportion.  With Vital essential nutrients and vitamins, Fruits are considered one of the most important aspects. Fruits do have the potential of giving exotic treats, here is list of fruits that are pivotal for usage:-

  1. Dragon Fruit: – With the dragon like red outer skin, may sound little different, but the inner portion of fruit does boost in regulating cholesterol levels. The fruits are also helpful in eradicating chronic diseases like Cancer and Cataract.
  • This fruit will keep your heart healthy, it decreases bad cholesterol. Dragon fruit has high levels of monosaturated fats.
  • This fruit will clean your entire digestive system. Dragon fruit is rich in fiber and will help in constipation and poor digestion
  • Dragon fruit helps in reducing aging signs so look good, feel good, glow and reduce weight too. Now isn’t this a wonderful fruit so start including this in your diet.


  1. Cherimoya: – This fruit is also known as Custard Apple and has rich source of various Vitamins. This fruit is also recommended for patients suffering from diabetes, hypertensions, Stomach Cramps and other related problems.
  • Cherimoya is full packed with Vitamin C, which helps in building resistance from free cell radicals.
  • This fruit will improve your Cardio health by reducing the bad cholesterol levels in body. This fruit will help in reducing risk of heart strokes.
  • Cherimoya is fully loaded with fiber, according to recent studies a medium sized Cherimoya has 5-7 grams of fiber which means 90% of fiber that is recommended in human body we can get from 1 Cherimoya alone.


3) Sharon Fruit: – The birth of Sharon Fruit was first in Israel. Sharon fruit is rich in antioxidants and has the rich source of dietary fiber. It also has fine source of essential vitamin that are needed for the body like Sodium, magnesium, iron, potassium and manganese.

  • This super food contains twice the amount of fiber that an apple has. Also this fruit is packed with high amounts of magnesium, iron and calcium.
  • Sharon fruit helps in developing confrontation against dangerous virus infection.
  • Sharon fruit is fully loaded with energy, so include this in your diet.


4) Kiwi Fruit: – This fruit is usually imported from the other countries but the love and affection for this fruit is rising because it is a great mate for gaining vitamins, Flavonoids and minerals for our body.

  • According to the study it is also noted that kiwi fruit also helps in reducing macular degeneration. Overall this fruit is also good for digestive health and skin.
  • Consumption of fruit on routine basis could also aid a lot in preventing the risks of Asthma or colon Cancer.
  • All your sleep problems can be cured by consuming Kiwi daily according to a study, including kiwi in daily life improves sleep issues, sleep duration.
  • Kiwi aids in lowering the blood pressure.


5)  Cantaloupe– Widely they are also known as musk or sweet melons.  Lucrative benefit of consumption of this fruit you get that they do have essential properties of Vitamin A.   This fruit does give a great boost factor of healthy vision. Consumption does also aid and works like pillars for our body for preventing lung or oral cavity cancers.

  • This fruit has higher levels of antioxidant zeaxathin which helps in decreasing age degeneration.
  • People who consume this fruit regularly can lower the risk of asthma.
  • Cantaloupe also protects from getting cancer, the nutrient Beta-carotene present in this fruit plays a great role in protecting against prostate cancer.
  • As melons are rich in fiber they help in easy digestion and keeps the digestion tract healthy.


6) Blue berries: – According to research, the most phenomenal advantage of consuming blue berries that they are low in cholesterol, but very high in providing nutritional value to our body.  They are so good in taste, so often people can also consider it in their diet.

  • Blue berries are undoubtedly king among all the antioxidant foods available, flavonids present in the berries are the major antioxidant compound.
  • Many studies have suggested that blueberries can help against DNA damage, which is the major reason of cancer and ageing. So eating blue berries can bring down the sign, of ageing WOW isn’t that great?
  • Include this wonderful tasteful fruit everyday and lower the risk of heart problems, stroke and heart-attacks, there are many evidences that prove that this fruit is great for heart health.
  • Blueberries can improve your memory, and increase concentration levels too.


7) Star shaped fruit: – It is a packet full of antioxidants, Potassium and Vitamin C. This fruit is complete juicy and little tangy in taste.

  • If you are planning weight loss this fruit is perfect as it has mere 30 calories and this fruit contains high amount of flavonids and antioxidants.
  • This fruit is great for feeding mothers as it increases the milk production.
  • This fruit can cure indigestion and nausea eat half fruit every 2-3 hours you will amazed to see the results.


8) Water Apple: – In Asian countries, the fruit is most commonly recognized as ‘’Jambu air” or  Rose Apple usually the fruit is bell shaped and can be considered to be very juicy from inside.

  • This juicy fruit can prevent prostate cancer as well as breast cancer.
  • This is also known for lowering the cholesterol level as this is fully packed with vitamin C as well as fiber
  • This Rose apple is great for liver and brain.


9) Kumquat:-  It is also known as Citrus fruit which does simply resembles like orange, but in feature it has got smaller shape and available in oval shape.

  • This super fruit contains Vitamins like niacin, thiamin, folates, pyridoxine, pantothenic acid, etc.
  • Daily consumption of this tangy fruit can protect from infections, degenerative diseases, cancer, diabetes, etc.
  • This fruit is high in copper which helps in increasing the red blood cells in the body.


10) Yangmei:- This fruit is also known as Japanese bayberry , Chinese bayberry , Red bayberry , Yumberry  and Waxberry . This fruit is generally used for making Chinese Liquor named Baiju. The best part is that the fruit that can be eaten raw, fresh or dried.

  • This fruit is known for protecting heart health
  • Yangmei is known for boosting immune system, and cleaning the intestine and stomach.
  • This can reduce cataract risk and is great for eye-sight.


So, next time while shopping for your favorite foods, include these fruits too for perfect healthy living.

Yogesh Chavan
Yogesh Chavan
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